Beginning Level " Beginning Level"


Relax your whole body. Smile and keep your eyes open. Feet should be shoulder width apart and parallel. Now put your hands in front of your chest, palms facing each other. Close your hands in front of your chest, without touching, and pull out. Do this 5 - 10 times. You may adjust your speed of movements. (Fig. 1 and 2)

Routine One

After you are familiar with the movements, you don't need to count. But in the beginning you must do each movement 36 to 54 times.

Step One Jin Long Bai Wei

When finishing the preparation, put your hands together, fingers facing front with a space between your palms. Move your hands together from left to right at a 45 degree angle at chest level. Do this movement 36 times or no more than 54 times. Do not move the upper body, focus on the hand and arm movements only. (Fig. 3 and 4)

Step Two Yu Feng Dian Tou

Put your hands together in prayer position with fingertips pointing upward. Leave some space between the palms. Hands at chest level. Move hands down to lower stomach and up 36 to 54 times. Do not shake your arms, your head and body don't move. (Fig. 5 and 6)

Step Three: Fo Ta Piao Xiang

Palm facing palm, close and open them in front of your chest 5 times, as in the preparation (Fig. 7 and 8.). Then move your hands first up, then down and outward as in Fig. 9, then up and inward as in Fig. 10. Your palms never face outward when moving hands outward. When your hands go up, raise them no higher than your shoulders. When your hands move down, the palms face downward. Don't straighten your arms or move your shoulders. Do it 36 to 54 times.

Step Four: Po Sa Fu Qin

Palms face down at stomach level, fingers pointed forward. Move hands to the sides and back. Don't cross your hands. Do 36 to 54 times. Do not move the upper arms or turn the wrists. Arms do not straighten. (Fig. 11 and 12)

Step Five Buo Yu Shuang Fen

Palms facing up at stomach level, fingers pointing forward. Move hands to the side and back. Do this 36 to 54 times. Arms do not straighten. When bringing the hands together, don't cross the hands. (Fig. 13 and 14)

Routing Two Niu Zhuan Qian Kun

Step Six Feng Bai He ye

When ending step six with the hands together, turn palms facing each other, approximately 20 cm apart. Move lower arms 36 to 54 times from side to side, 45 degrees to each side. Don't move the upper body, upper arms or wrists. (Fig. 15 and 16)

Step Seven Zuo Zhuan Qian Kun

Same hand position with palms facing, about 20 cm. apart, move from right to left counterclockwise, in an egg-shaped circle 36-54 times. Hands always lower than the shoulders and not lower than the lower stomach. When moving, your two palms are always facing each other. (Fig. 17 and 18)

People who have heart problems or high blood pressure, keep your hands lower.

Step Eight You Zhuan Qian Kun

Continue as in the above movement, now move the hands in a clockwise direction 36-54 times. (Fig 19 and 20)

People with heart problems or high blood pressure keep hands lower.

Step Nine Yao Lu Du Hai

After finishing the above, palms facing downward, move your hands and arms in a circle, as if you were rowing a boat, fingers stretch out but arms not straight, reaching out as if grabbing the oars, while pulling back your hands, form "empty" fists, keep them relaxed and slightly open. Move upward close to the body and down away from the body. 36-54 times. (# 21-22)

Step Ten Fa Lun Chang Zhuan

Start with your right hand palm on top and left hand below. There should be approximately a 10 cm distance between the hands. Move the upper hand forward down and backward with the other hand following, hands outward and down in an oval shape near chest, both palms staying at a vertical level for 36-54 times. The circle should be egg-shaped, and hands always at the chest. (#23-24)

Route Three Pu Du Zhong Sheng

Step Eleven Da Mo Du Hai

(Da Mo was Lord Buddha's 28th inheritor who settled down in China according to the order of the 27th Buddha. He helped establish Buddha's dharma, and Zen, and great aspiration.)

Start with right hand palm facing the left hand, about 4 cm apart, swing both hands to the left and then to the right. Do this 36-54 times. When swing, don't move body, keep the two hands always together but about 4 cm apart. (#25-26)

Step Twelve Fo Feng Guan Er

Palms on both the front of your thighs, move hands up high at the ears, as if hearing something. Then move down. Arms stay close to the body, moving only the lower arms and arms not stretched. Palms facing the ears but don't touch the ears. On the down swing, keep hands close to the lower stomach sides. Do this 36-54 times. (Fig. 27 and 28)

Step Thirteen Yao Yan Fo Guang

Forms hands into half-circle like duck mouth, move your hands up from lower Dan Tian up to eyes about 5-10 cm away from eyes. Don't touch your eyes. Don't wear glasses (contact lenses are OK). Do this 36-54 times. (#29-30)

Step Fourteen Pu Du Zhong Sheng

Both male or female, with right hand on top, cross over the left hand in the center of the body and then swing outward to the sides at a 45 degree angle. Don't swing too wide. Do this 36-54 times. (#31-32)

Step Fifteen Tongzi Bai Fo

Bring hands together in front of your chest/heart but keep a little space between the palms, fingers pointing up and slightly forward. Stay relaxed and in this position for 3 minutes quietly. Eyes may closed or half closed or open, meditate.

People who have heart problems or high blood pressure keep hands a little lower.

Ending form: Slowly let your hands down, then raise them slowly to shoulder level while inhaling through your nose. Your fingers form empty fists. then hands bring down and open your fingers, exhale slowly through mouth, and hands to the level a little lower than lower stomach. Then rubbing hands until hot, dry-wash your face. May also massage the sick spot. (Fig. 33 thru 38)

For people with heart problems, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, when raising your hands, don't raise them to the shoulders, but only to chest level.

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