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Qigong Contacts/Resources:


Qi Journal
Insight Graphics
PO Box 18476 Anaheim Hills, CA 92817
The Empty Vessel
Abode of the Eternal Tao
4852 West Amazon
Eugene, OR 97405
Qi Magazine
Tse Qigong Centre
PO Box 59
Altrincham, WA15 8FS UK


Discussion Lists:




Web Sites:

Ling Gui School of Qigong - Website for Liu Dong and Liu He 

Wu-qigong.com - Wu's Qi gong & Tai Chi Fitness Centre 

Qigong at Open Directory Project - articles and lots of links

Qigong at Acupuncture.com - lots of good articles

Abode of the Eternal Tao - Soaring Crane in Eugene, OR

Qi Journal page - Great magazine, Great pages

The Qi-Gong Center in Flushing, New York - Soaring Crane Qigong and lots of other classes

Chinese Falun Gong - A site pointing to many other Falun Gong sites - new link

The Way of the Dragon - They have just published a new book

Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts - doing studies on qigong

China Healthways - the importer of the Qigong Machine

Qigong Institute - Information, research, clinical studies

Chi Kung by Martin Mellish - a new site with some interesting sights and sounds

Qigong at Healthy.net - www.feeltheQi.com - Good info by Roger Jahnke

Mark Johnson's page  - new address

China Guide - The Gateway to Chinese Culture

The way of Energy - Master Lam Kam Chuen


David Robinson in Australia

Takehiko MUKAI - Qigong in Japan

Qi Gong at China Guide - Some description, some books

Master Mark's Praying Mantis and Tai Chi School - has a Qigong FAQ page

Master Wen Mei Yu's Pages - She has great videos for Wild Goose Qigong and Liang Gong

Effie Chow's Page

Gary J. Clyman / Master Instructor - Taking Tai Chi Into The Next Millennium

Roger Jahnke's Healer Within Page - great book, new page

The Healing Tao - Mantak Chia's Home Page

Pan Gu Mystical Qigong Homepage

Luo Han Qigong in Spain - Gaspar Garcia

National Qigong Association

China's Living Treasures - tapes of some famous Chinese Masters

Mountain Spirit Qigong - Phyllis Lefohn in Helena Montana

Master Yu Cheng Huang - Qigong in Skokie, Ill.

Living Qigong - John Alton's web site

Master Xu - new USA site

Wuji Productions - Garri Garripoli, producer of the Qigong video for PBS

Qigong in China - Trips to China with Karen Kramer

Qigong at Yahoo! - we have our own category at Yahoo! Health

Debra Weisenburger Lipetz - Chi Lel Qigong

Blue Poppy Enterprise - publisher of Chinese Medicine Books

Tibetan Qigong - Master Wang, Zisheng

Wild Goose Qigong - with Michael Tse 

Qinway Qigong - with Master Qinyin 

acuxo.com - an acupuncture reference, great for looking up those point names

The International Qigong Foundation for Social Oncology - Qigong for cancer

Sheng Zhen Qigong - Master Li Jun Feng

Wu Dao Jing She - Professor Chen, Soaring Crane and more

World Institute of Self Healing

Lydia Wong - Qi-netics - Tai Chi, Qigong videos and key West retreats

TaiChi-Qigong Health Centre - another source for Fragrant Qigong


National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association  

World T'ai Chi & QiGong Day  

American Qigong Association


Oregon College of Oriental Medicine - they have Qigong trips to China with Professor Chen

Tiantian School of Qigong - offers Soaring Crane Qigong certification

The Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences

Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine - offers a Qi Development certificate

Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin - check out their new Medical Qi Gong program featuring Master Li Jun Feng 

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - Qigong as part of a Masters program featuring Herman Kauz and Bill Helm 

International Oriental College school for Qigong based Medical Studies

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